These earwigs are characterized by being wingless, and with the combined length of antennal segments 4-6 longer than the basal segment. The male forceps are asymmetrical, with the right more strongly curved than the left.

Seaside earwig, Anisolabis maritima Adults are 20-25 mm long. The body is brown to black; legs are pale yellow; it is wingless. Male forceps are short, and unequally developed; in the female, the forceps are symmetrical. Adults and nymphs are found in beach debris, and around seafood-processing plants in piles of shells and debris. Eggs are laid in the fall. This species is distributed along seashores in North America and Europe.

Littoral earwig, Anisolabis littorea Adults are about 22 mm long, dark brown, and wingless. Forceps of the female are symmetrical, and the males are asymmetrical, with one strongly curved. This species is found in seaside kelp, and along stones on sea beaches, above the high-tide level. It also occurs further inland and sometimes is found indoors. Adults overwinter and avoid light. They prey on other arthropods. This species occurs in Australia and New Zealand.

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