This is the largest family offleas. Most species in this family are parasites of rodents; about 12% are parasites of birds. The squirrel flea, Orchopeas howardii, is found throughout the USA wherever the gray squirrel (Sriurus griseus) occurs. Adult fleas may disperse from active or abandoned squirrel nests in attics, and enter living spaces. The mouse flea, Leptopsylla segnis, is commonly found on domestic rats, and less commonly on the house mouse (Musmusculus). It is common in Europe and Asia, and in the USA.

Species of Dasypsyllus, Mioctenopsylla, and a few species of Ceratophyllus are parasites of birds. The important species include C. gallinae, which is a pest of poultry in North America and Europe, C. gibsoni, and C. niger, which are associated with chickens, and frequently with bird nests in buildings. C. niger, the western (USA) chicken flea, was originally described from specimens collected from humans and the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus. All three of these bird species are known to bite people. In Japan, the sparrow flea, C. gallinae dilatus, is associated with six species of sympatric birds: tree sparrow (Passer mon-tanus saturatus), gray starling (Sturnus cineraceus), violet-backed starling (Sturnus philippensis), great tit (Parus major minor), rock pigeon (Columba livia domestica), and the purple martin (Delichon urbica). Adult fleas from nests of these birds sometimes enter buildings and bite people. The pigeon flea, C. columbae, is associated with the common pigeon (Columba livia), and it will bite humans.

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