Lacewing adults are 10-25 mm; their body and wings are usually green, but sometimes brown. The wings are transparent and the eyes are usually golden. Adults and larvae of some species are predaceous, while others are nectar or pollen feeders.

Golden-eye lacewing, Chrysopa oculata Adults are 15-22 mm long. They are green with a black stripe on the face, and the eyes are golden. Wings are pale green. Eggs are laid on upright stalks and attached to leaves; larvae are predators. Adults are common on foliage, and fly from May to September. They fly to lights at night, and they are often found indoors. Adults of a related species, C. cahJomica,are9-i4mmlong, and pale green, with a yellow stripe on the dorsum.

Garden lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea Adults are about 6 mm long and pale green. They become pale brown in fall. This lacewing is often found indoors. It is distributed in the UK.

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