Species in this family are recognized by the single row of long, slender setae across each of the abdominal tergites. The body and palps are weakly granular.

Apochthonius moestus (Fig. 18.9f) Adults are about 2 mm long and the body is brown to dark brown; coxa 1 has three spines. This species is widely distributed over eastern USA, east of the Great Plains region. It may occur in peridomestic habitats, including under the bark ofdecaying logs and in the nests ofmammals.

Microbisium confusum (Fig. 18.9g) Adults are about 2 mm long and dark brown. This species is common and widespread in eastern USA. It occurs in forested areas, and in decayed logs and stumps. It is active nearly throughout the year. Closely related species with similar distribution include M. brunneum and M. parvulum.

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