Adult leafhoppers are 4-9 mm long, slender, and with front wings often brightly colored. They are active as nymphs and adults, and characterized by running sideways; the adults can fly long distances. They are all plant-feeders and many are economically important pests of agricultural crops. Some species occur in large numbers, especially in late summer. Pest status of leafhoppers in the urban environment is limited to a few species that are attracted to lights at night, and species that occur in small numbers indoors. There are limited reports of leafhoppers biting people.

Green flat-headed leafhopper, Xerophloea viridis Adults are 6-7 mm long, wedge-shaped, and bright green. The head is flatand the tips of the wings atrestare perpendicular. They are common on grasses in western USA. They can occur in large numbers, and there is one report of a massive invasion of a town in Nebraska by this leafhopper.

Sharp-headed grain leafhopper, Draculacephala mollipes

Adults are 6-i0 mm long and slender. The head is sharply pointed, green, and the pronotum and scutellum are yellow. This species overwinters as adults and the overwintering form is often dark green or brown. It has been reported attracted in large numbers to outdoor lights at night.

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