Colored auger beetle Mesoxylion collaris Adults are 46 mm

long. This species infests new hardwoods in Australia, and infestations are usually found during the first year after construction. Emergence holes are round and 2-3 mm diameter. This species does not reinfest the original wood.

Black polycaon, Polycaon stouti Adults are 11-22 mm long, black and cylindrical; the head projects forward and the mandibles are large. Adults fly at night and seek oviposition sites. Wood attacked includes seasoned hardwoods, such as eucalyptus, maple, oak, and sycamore, plywood panels used for furniture, and buildings in mountainous areas. Larval development takes 2-3 years to complete; there are records of adults emerging from wood after 20 years. This species is distributed in western USA.

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