Common grub parasites Myzinum maculatim M quinquecinc

tum Adults are 12-25 mm long, the body is black and the abdomen, legs, and sometimes the wings have yellow or orange markings. The male has an upturned spine at the tip of the abdomen (metasoma). These species are larger and slightly more slender than Tiphia. In some regions, they are the most common parasites ofscarabs in turfgrass.

White grub parasites, Tiphia spp. (Fig. 9.10d) Adults are about 11 mm long, and generally black with yellow or orange marking on the abdomen. This genus contains several common parasites of scarabaeid larvae, and some species have been introduced to control turfgrass pests. Adults of Tiphia intermedia are common on flowers of wild carrot and other Umbelliferae during June to August, and they are parasitic on Phyllophaga grubs. T. inornata is a common species throughout the USA. Species introduced from Japan and Korea to control the Japanese beetle include T. vernalis and T. popilliavora. The Asiatic garden beetle, Maladera castanea, is parasitized by the introduced species, T. asericae.

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