These small moths are 5-8 mm long, and have long and narrow wings, which are usually pointed at the apex. Some adults are brightly colored golden orange, yellow, and with silver spots or lines on the wings. Species of the genus Cosmopterix look similar the world over; they are brown with a golden band near the apex of each front wing. Most species in the family are leaf miners, but the range in habits includes parasites and predators. Euclemensia bassettella is an internal parasite of female coccids in the genus Kermes. In Australia, caterpillars of Pyroderces terminella invade deserted nests of Polistes wasps, and they have been found infesting the egg-sacs of the spider Nephila edulis.

Pink scavenger moth, Pyroderces rileyi (= Sathrobrota)

Adult wing span is about 11 mm, the body is brown, and the antennae are banded. Frontwings are banded and mottled with yellow, reddish-brown, and black; hind wings are pale gray, slender, and the edges have a long fringe. A full-grown caterpillar is 4-7 mm long, pink, and has a pale-brown head and thoracic shield. This insect infests maize in the field and in storage. Eggs are laid singly on the kernels, and the caterpillars feed on the kernel and the cob; infested grain may have a large amount of webbing and frass evident on the cobs. There is one generation per year. This insect is common in southern USA where it infests maize; infestation usually begins in the field and continues after the crop is in storage.

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