Species are distinguished by their long mandibles, and in males, the length may equal the length of the cephalothorax. Males are usually more distinctly marked than females. They construct irregular webs, with a characteristic zigzag pattern of silk threads. This family includes the large genus Dictyna, which has worldwide distribution. Webs of Dictyna are often found at the corners of windows or on walls, with the retreat hole near the center.

Dictyna sublata Males are 2-2.5 mm long and females are 2.3-3.7 mm long. The female cephalothorax is yellow in front and brown posteriorly. The abdomen usually has a broad median yellow stripe, and is brown on the sides. The male lacks the distinct color differences present in the female cephalothorax. This species builds sheet-like webs on the sides of buildings, and the retreat may be at a corner of the web. It occurs throughout continental USA.

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