Eyed click beetles Alaus oculatus A myops a melanops

Adults are 25-40 mm long, shiny black, and with two black eyelike spots on the prothorax. In A. oculatus the eye-spots are surrounded by a pale ring, but this ring is absent in A. myops. Full-grown larvae of A. oculatus are 50-65 mm long, smooth and yellowish brown; larvae ofA. myops are about 35 mm long and dark brown. The adult ofthe western eyed click beetle, A. melanops, is about 35 mm long, dull black, and the eye-spots on the prothorax are small and oval. The distribution is northwestern USA. The eyed click beetles are primarily predators on wood-boring beetles in pines. They are often encountered, along with adults, in down logs, and in firewood piles.

Click beetles, Aeolus mellilus, A. dorsalis Adults are 8-15 mm long, brown to dark brown. Full-grown larvae are about 15 mm long. These are the wireworm species that typically infest turfgrass and are often attracted to outdoor and indoor lights at night. They fly to lights indoors and large numbers often die and collect in light fixtures. Adults of A. mellilus frequently enter buildings.

Garden click beetle, Athous niger Adults are about 12 mm long and dark brown. Larvae are common wireworms in gardens, where they feed on a variety of plant roots. The adults occur indoors. This species occurs in the UK and continental Europe.

Lantern click beetle, Pyrophorus schotti Adults are 2022 mm long and brown. Pronotum has small reddish-yellow spots that are luminescent in living specimens. Adults are active at night. In flight, the thoracic light organs glow, and the abdominal light organs cast a light over the ground. The abdominal light organs are hidden when the wings are closed. Larvae are luminescent and carnivorous on beetle grubs in soil.

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