Glowworms Zarhipis piciventris Z riversi Z integripennis

Adult female Z. piciventris is 30-50 mm long, larviform, and yellowish brown; males are about 10 mm long and black, but the mandibles, prothorax, bases of the antennae, and legs are reddish brown. This species occurs in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Z. riversi male is about 14 mm long and black; the thorax, scutellum, and abdomen except for the black tip are all yellowish red. Z. integripennis adults are 18-20 mm long; the male is pale yellowish brown, and the female yellow or tan. This species occurs in western USA.

Pink glowworm, Microphotus angustus The adult female is 10-15 mm long and larviform, somewhat flattened and pale pink. Elytra are vestigial and the antennae are nine-segmented.

The male is about 10 mm long, winged, and with a pink body; the prothorax and elytra are gray. It occurs in grassy areas of the foothills in the San Francisco Bay area of California. The adults are active on warm late summer and fall nights, and the light produced by these beetles is very bright.

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