These are the harvester termites. All castes, including workers, have functional compound eyes, but only rudimentary ocelli may be present. Alates have long and narrow wings, and the anterior wing scales never completely overlap the posterior scales. The pronotum is saddle-shaped. Soldiers are present in two forms and both are like workers with large legs. The mandibles are large with distinct marginal teeth (Fig. io.id), the antennae are composed of 23-31 segments. The groups included here are soil-dwelling and the (damp) wood-dwelling termites. Hodotermes mossambicus occurs from Ethiopia to South Africa, and H. erithreensis is limited to a northern distribution in Somalia and Eritrea. Microhodotermes wasmani occurs from Morocco to Tunisia and M. viator occurs over most of South Africa. Anacanthotermes occurs in the arid country stretching from Algeria through Egypt to Iraq and northeastern India. Zootermopsis occurs in northwestern North America, and some are pests ofstructures.

Oplan Termites

Oplan Termites

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