Homoptera Introduction

Homoptera are characterized by their piercing-sucking mouthparts and with the mouthparts arising from the back of the head. In some species, the adult mouthparts are vestigial or lacking. As the name suggests,the wings are usually of the same size and texture, but in some the forewings are thickened and often pigmented. Atrest, the wings are folded roof-like over the abdomen. All homopterans feed on plant fluids and produce quantities of honeydew as adults and nymphs. Many species are pests of outdoor ornamental trees, shrubs, and indoor plants. Pest status is limited to species that infest plants in the domestic and peridomestic environment, or species that occur in large numbers in peridomestic habitats and have adults or nymphs that enter buildings. Except for some aphids (Aphid-idae), mealybugs (Pseudococcidae), and whiteflies (Aleyrod-idae) that habitually infest houseplants, homopteran species do not usually complete development and persist indoors.

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