These ants are characterized by their one-segmented maxillary palp, and the lack of ornamentation on the petiole. This genus includes a large number of species that nest below ground throughout the tropics. Hypoponeura species occur in southern and northern Europe.

Hypoponeura punctatissima Workers are 3.5-3.8 mm long and reddish brown to dark brown. Antennae have 12 segments, which gradually increase in size to an indefinite club. The scape does not extend to the posterior border of the head. Eyes are minute and set forward, close to the mandibles. The pedicel is one-segmented. Colonies are often large, and winged forms emerge during August and September; wingless males remain in the nest. Natural food includes live and dead insects. Nest sites in Europe include rubbish dumps and sawdust heaps. Indoors they occur in heated buildings. This species is cosmopolitan, and it is widely distributed in Europe, the tropics, and subtropics.

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