European wasp (Paravespula germanica) 273, 281 European wood weevil (Pentarthrum huttoni) 93; development 93; distribution 93; food 93 European yellow sac spider (Cheiracanthium punctorium) 410

evaniid eggcase parasite (Evania appendigaster) 234 excrement: Diptera 151,152,153,

154,158,159,164,166 eye fly (Siphunculinafunicola) 159 eye gnat (Liohippelates collusor) 159 eye gnats (Chloropidae) 158,159: food 158; peststatus 159; eye gnat 159; eye fly 159; yellow swarming fly 159; see also Chloropidae in Family, genus, species index eyed click beetles (Alaus spp.) 105 eyeless tampan (Ornithodoros moubata) 404

fabric, fur: Coleoptera 70, 96, 98, 99,100,101,102,105,117,118, 122; Lepidoptera 342 face fly (Musca autumnalis) 174 fall webworm (Hypantria cunea) 329 false black flour beetle (Tribolium destructor) 128

false black widow (Steatoda paykulliana) 420 false blister beetle (Oxycopis mcdonaldi) 115 false chinch bug (Nysius ericae) 208 false honey ant (Prenolepis impairs) 256

false stable fly (Muscina stabulans) 175

false wolf spider (Ctenus captiosus) 410

fat-tailed scorpions (Androctonus) 43i feces: Blattaria 35, 36; Diptera 169, !72> ^ ^ ^ i76, ^ 184,185

fen cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa)

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