pine weevils, pine borers (Sipalinus spp.) 94 pine-stump prionus (Prionus pocularis) 85 pinhole borer (Platypusflavicornis) 116

pinhole borers (Platypodidae) 116; distributionfood 116; frass 106; morphology 116; Asian pinhole borer 116; horizontal pinhole borer 116; oak pinhole borer 116; pinhole borer 116; see also Platypodidae in Family, genus, species index pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella) 330

pink glowworm (Microphotus angustus) 115 pink scavenger moth (Pyroderces rileyi) 329 pipe-organ wasps (Trypoxylon politum) 269 piperonyl butoxide 25 pirate bug (Lyctocoris campestris) 203

piss ant (Solenopsis molesta) 257 plague bubonic plague 375; distribution 375; reservoir 375; fleas 378; septicemic plague 375 plague 374; bubonic plague 374; septicemic plague 375; history

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