pictured rove beetle (Thinopinus pictus) 123 pigeon (Columbia livia) 363, 376 pigeon bug (Cimex columbarius) 204, 205

pigeon flea (Ceratophyllus columbae) 376

pigeon louse (Columbicola columbae) 363

pigeon tick (Argas reflexus) 402 pigeon tremex (Tremex columba) 267

pillbug, common (Armadillium vulgare) 427 pillbugs (Isopoda) 389,426 pillbugs (Sphaeroma spp.) 427 pinching beetle (Pseudolucanus capreolus) 110 pine buprestid (Chalcophora japonica) 78

pine carpenterworm (Givira lotta)

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