bladder grasshoppers (Physophorina spp.) 354 Blanford fly (Simulium posticatum) 187

blister-gall psyllid (Pachypsylla celtidisvesicula) 219 blood-sucking arthropods 16 blood-sucking midges (Forcipomyia

(Lasiohelea) spp.) 156 blossom fly (Bibio nervosus) 150 blow flies (Calliphoridae) 151,152, 153,154,161; development 151; maggot therapy 151; morphology 151; pest status 151; attic fly 154; black 154; bluebottle fly 152; cluster fly 154; Congo floor-maggot 152; greenbottle fly 154; hairy maggot blow fly 153; Japanese cluster fly 154; Lund's fly 153; oriental latrine fly 152; tumbu fly 153; see also Calliphoridae in Family, genus, species index blow fly (Calliphora vomitoria) 152 blue horntails (Sirex spp.) 267 Blue Mountains firefly (Atyphella lychnus) I07 bluebottle fly (Calliphora vicina) 152 blue-striped nettle grub, Asian slug moth (Latoia lepida) 332 blue-tailed fly (Tabanus atratus) 190 Bodega black gnat (Leptoconops kerteszi) I56 body louse (Pediculus h. humanus) 361; development361; habitats 361; morphology 361 booklice (Psocoptera) 366 booklouse (Chelifer cancroids) 429 books: arthropods 429; Coleoptera

boron 22

bostrichid beetles (Bostrichidae) 73; feeding habits 73; mating 73; bamboo powderpost beetle 73; black bamboo borer 76; black borers 76; black polycaon 74; boxwood borer 74; colored auger beetle 74; cylindrical auger beetle 75; ghoon borer 73; large auger beetle 73; larger grain borer 74; lead-cable borer 75; lesser grain borer 75; oriental bostrichid 73; oriental wood borer 73; red-shouldered shot hole borer 75; see also Bostrichidae in Family, genus, species index botanical insecticides 22 boutonneuse fever 17, 389, 401,402 boxelder bug (Boisea trivittata) 214; development 2I4; distribution 215; hosts 215; morphology

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