golden spider beetle (Niptus hololeucus) 118 Goliath beetle (Goliathus goliathus) 120

Golubatz fly (Simulium colombaschense) 187 gooseberry mite (Bryobia praetiosa) 398

grain beetles (Cucujidae) 89; food 89; origins 89; flat grain beetle 90; flour mill beetle 90; foreign grain beetle 89; merchant grain beetle 91; rusty grain beetle 90; sawtoothed grain beetle 90; square-necked grain beetle 90; see also Cucujidae in Family, genus, species index grain mite (Acarus siro) 391;

associated fungi 391 granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius) 94; development 94; distribution 94; food 94 granulosis virus 21 grass bug (Corizus validus) 215 grass bug (Nysius raphanus) 208 grass moth (Crambus flexuosellus) 338

grass spider (Angelenopsis naevia)

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