This is the largest family of the lower termites, with 21 genera and 350 species. They are generally considered drywood termites. Individuals in this family lack a fontanelle, but usually have ocelli. Alates have oval heads with somewhat flattened sides, and the eyes are relatively small. The pronotum of the alate, soldier, and mostother individuals in the colony is as wide as or wider than the head. The antennae ofsoldiers are usually shorter than the width of the head, and in many species segment 3 is enlarged. Soldiers usually have asymmetrical and toothed mandibles; there are three or more teeth on the left mandible and one or more on the right. Soldier antennae consist of 10-19 segments, and functional eyes are lacking. A worker caste is absentin the colonies in this family. Colonies are small, and the work in the colony is performed by nymphs. There is a range of nesting and feeding habits in this family. There are many pest species in the urban environment.

Oplan Termites

Oplan Termites

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