This family includes species that feed on cattle, goats, sheep, foxes, coyotes, and dogs. Adultfemales are about2.5 mm long and males are about 2 mm long. The head is without external evidence of eyes, antennae are five-segmented, and the abdominal spiracles are usually spherical, not elongated.

Dog-sucking louse, Linognathussetosus (Fig. 14.1a, b) Adult females are about 2 mm long and males are about 1.7 mm long. The head is short and somewhat broad, and the antennae are almost as long as the head. The thoracic dorsum has four long setae; the prothorax has two short setae on each side. Thoracic and abdominal spiracles are large. This species is found on domestic dogs worldwide. It also infests white or arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) and other carnivores.

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