Species in this family are ectoparasites of birds and are characterized by their large, wide head, which is broadly triangular and expanded behind the eyes. The slender antennae are inserted in grooves on the side of the head, and the tarsi have two claws. Menopon gallinae is the shaft louse of chickens, but also infests other birds, including turkeys, ducks, and guinea fowl, and may attack horses when stabled near infested fowl. Menopus serini is a pest of domestic canaries

Species in this family are characterized by having filiform or slender antennae, the absence of maxillary palps, and the tarsi have two claws.

Pigeon louse, Columbicola columbae (= Liperus baculus)

Adults are about 2 mm long and slender. This species is nearly cosmopolitan on pigeons.

European pigeon louse, Goniocotes bidentatus (= Campanu-lotes) Adults are about 1 mm long. The body is pale or yellowish white, with brown margins. It is common on domestic pigeons in many parts of the world.

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