These spiders are distinguished by having long spines on their legs. The chelicerae are long and slender, and may be fused at the base. These spiders are not known to build webs and are predators ofother spiders.

Mimetusepeiroides (Fig. 18.7b) Males are about3.4 mm long and females are about 4.4-4.7 mm long. The body color is yellow with dark brown markings. There are two black spots on the front of each chelicera, near its base. The cephalo-thoraxisi.5 times longer thanbroadandyellowishwhite; there are four thin black lines extending from the abdomen to the front of the cephalothorax. Femora 1 and 2 have dark spots on the ventral surface. This species occurs in eastern USA, and may be found indoors in the webs of Auchaearanea tepidarioum (= Theridium). A closely related species, M. puritanus, has similar habits. There is a single black spot on each chelicera of M. puritanus.

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