These ants are distributed in North and South America. They oftenform temporary nestsites, and may occur around building foundations. Workers are 2.5-5.8 mm long and the body is brown to blackish brown; setae are abundant on thorax and abdomen. Antennae are short, and the 12 segments are slightly enlarged; the eyes are very small. The epinotum is without spines, and the pedicel is two-segmented. The legs are long. These ants may occur in large colonies. They are predaceous on other insects.

Neivamyrmex nigrescens (Fig. 9.7e) Workers are 2.8-5 .8 mm long and the body is pale brown to reddish brown to blackish brown; the body is densely covered with punctures. The scape extends to the posterior margin of the eye. Colonies contain 150000-250000 workers, and there is apparently one functional queen. Males emerge from September to November. New queens are not winged and mating may occur within the parent nest. New colonies are formed by budding, which occurs when a new queen leaves the parent nest with a small number of workers. Foraging occurs during the day, and the natural food is other insects, including the brood in nests of other ant species. It is native to North America and occurs from Virginia to California south into Mexico. Related species, N.fallax and N. nigrescens mexicanus, occur in the Gulf Coast states; they have been reported from domestic and peridomestic habitats, including in uncovered wells used for household water.

Neivamyrmexopacithorax(Fig.9.7f) Workers are 2.2-4.6mm long and yellowish brown to reddish brown; the legs and pedicel are lighter in color than the head and thorax. The scape does not extend to the posterior margin of the eye. The thorax and pedicel are opaque and densely punctured, while the remainder of the body is smooth. Characteristics of the colony and feeding habits are similar to N. nigrescens, including the emergence of males from colonies from September to November. Workers may enter houses to forage from nests established outdoors.

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