This is a specialized family, in which adults have extremely long hind wings, and the head is prolonged into a specialized rostrum. Flight is an up-and-down motion with the long hind wings trailing behind.

Katarru, zurirituu, Croce filipennis Adults are about 15 mm long; total length is about35 mm (including wings). The body is black; fore wings have a dark spot near the tip, while hind wings are reduced to narrow bands ending in a wide fringe of hairs, and more than twice the length of the front wings. Larvae often occur indoors where they remain in secluded areas, covered with dustand debris, and prey on household arthropod pests. Eggs are laid singly in debris on the floor ofhouses. The full-grown larva has a large, quadrate head and long curved mandibles. The head is connected to the body with a distinct two-segmented extension of the thorax. The pupa is enclosed in a cocoon composed of silk and covered with sand and debris. This species occur in India and tropical regions of southern Asia.

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