Mostnitidulids are 12 mm long, elongate or oval, and in many species the elytra are short and expose the terminal abdominal segments. They are found where plant fluids are fermenting; a few occur on or near the dried carcasses of dead animals. Twenty-two species, most of which belong to the genus Carpophilus, have been recorded from stored products around the world.

Corn sap beetle, Carpophilus dimidiatus (Fig. 5.15a) Adults are 2.0-3.5 mm long and reddish brown. Itinfests stored foods, especially dried fruits and cereals. In the field, itfeeds on decaying fruit, and on the sap exuding from injured plants. Eggs are laid singly on the larval food, and hatching occurs in 2-4 days; fecundity is about225 eggs. Ovipositionisonfood with 15-33% moisture; it does not survive in rice with less than 10% moisture. Larval development is 5-16 days, and the pupal period is 5-18 days. Development from egg to adult is 15 days at 32 °C and 49 days ati8 °C. Total development is 26 days at 32 °C and 90% RH. This species is distributed in the USA.

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