Adults range in length from 5 to 25 mm, and their color varies from pale brown to black, with red, yellow, or orange markings. Elytra are soft and sometimes covered with fine setae. Adults are attracted to lights at night and they are found on flowers or on old logs or stumps. Larvae are soft-bodied and they develop in wet, decaying wood, especially driftwood.

Warf borer, Nacerdes melanura (Fig. 5.2f) Adults are 715 mm long and reddish yellow with the ends of the elytra black; antennae are half the length of the body. Full-grown larvae are 12-16 mm long, yellowish white, and with dark brown mandibles. Thoracic legs of the larva are distinct, and there are conical protuberances (false legs) on abdominal segments 3 and 4. Eggs are laid in wet and decayed wood, including softwoods and hardwoods. Larval development is in irregular galleries in wood; pupationis in small chambers. The pupal period is 7-9 days, and adults live about 7 days. Adults emerge in large numbers about the same time every year, and are active from April to August outdoors, where they feed on flower pollen. Indoors they occur throughout the year. Larvae feed in wet wood and infest pilings under wharves and under buildings near the water. Boardwalks along the sea coastand wood floors in damp basements, boats, and greenhouse benches are infested. Thousands ofadults may suddenly appear in or around a building. They fly to windows and other sources of light. This beetle occurs in North America along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and around the GreatLakes, and itis known from some inland sites. It also occurs in the UK, and it is probably native to continental Europe.

False blister beetle, oxycopis mcdonaldi Adults are about 8mmlong, anddarkbluewithan orange-red pronotum, which is rounded posteriorly and marked with a median longitudinal stripe. Full-grown larvae are about 7 mm long and yellowish brown, and with a dark brown head. Antennae are about as long as the body. Larvae are known to feed in moist and decayed wood, often along coastlines. Adults fly to lights at night, and if crushed on the skin they will cause blistering.

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