These spiders have six eyes, which are usually close together in a compact group. In some members of the family the abdomen is relatively soft and covered with setae. The oonopids are very small spiders, and numerous species occur in the tropics and subtropics. Species ofDiblemma, Ischnothyreus,andTriaeris often occur on ornamental plants, and they are shipped around the world; they often occur in greenhouses.

oonops domesticus Adults are about 2 mm long and the body is light red to pink. Tibiae of front legs have five pairs of long spines. This species occurs indoors, often on ceilings and walls. It is distributed in the UK and perhaps continental Europe.

Orchestina saltitans (Fig. 18.6i) Adults are 1-2 mm long. The cephalothorax is convex with the highest point in the middle; it is yellow with irregular purple markings and has a black line along the later margins. There is black around the eyes. Legs are yellowish orange, and the abdomen is purple with many long setae. Femur 4 is considerably larger than the other femora. These spiders are capable of jumping. Natural habitats include grass and bushes outdoors. In the urban environment, they occur inside buildings, on walls, and on the surface of tables and furniture. This species occurs in the USA, from New England south to Georgia to Missouri.

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