Paederus beetles Paederus ilsae P iliensis P fuscipes P kalalovae P balcanicus P lenkoranus and P cruenticollis

Adults are 7-13 mm long, with a slender body and variously colored black, blue, and orange. Full-grown larvae are about 8 mm long, elongate, and the head and thorax are slightly bent. There are dark brown abdominal tergites, and long dorsal setae. Adults are often active during the day, but they seldom fly at this time. At night the adults of many species fly and are attracted to lights. The adults and immature stages of many species have toxins that produce an allergic skin reaction called dermatitis linearis. Most cases of dermatitis linearis are caused after sunset when people are at home and indoor lights are on. Adult beetles, attracted to lights, occasionally alight on people, and the toxin is released when the beetle is crushed on the skin. The toxin causes a delayed reaction, so that the dermal effect is not experienced in the first 24 h. Lesions usually appear in the form ofa line on the skin; it is self-healing. These beetles are nearly cosmopolitan.

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