Adults are 8-44 mm long, yellowish brown, and there are branched gill remnants at the posterior of the pro- and mesothoracic segments. Adults appear from April through September; they do not feed. Larvae are usually patterned in brown and yellow, somewhat flattened, and live in the bottom silt and mud as predators.

Common stonefly, Acroneuria evoluta (Fig. 15.1a, b) Adults are about 28 mm long to the wing tips; the body is uniformly brown, with dark brown marks on the head. Nymphs are 17-23 mm long, excluding tails, mottled brown and yellowish brown. The abdomen is distinctly banded brown and yellowish brown, with branched thoracic gills. Nymphs occur on rocks and gravel substrates ofstreams and rivers ofcentral

Figure 15.1 Plecoptera. (a) Acroneuria evoluta, nymph; (b) A. evoluta, adult.

and southern North America. Adults emerge from May through July, and large numbers fly to lights at night.

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