Phasmatodea Introduction

Walkingsticks and leaf insects have an elongate, cylindrical body, and the wings are either reduced or absent. Some tropical species are flattened laterally. All species have short cerci and small ovipositors. Nymphs are usually green and adults brown. They are plant feeders and found in trees and shrubs. Males are generally unknown and females are parthenogenetic. Females located on upper branches of trees lay eggs, and they drop through the canopy to the ground. Some species lay eggs in batches in small pits in the soil. Hatching occurs in 1 year in warm climates, and in 2 years in cold climates. There is usually one generation per year. Most of the nearly 2000 described species are found in the southern portion of the Indo-Malayan region. Species common in Europe include Bacillus rossius, Clonopsis gallica, and Leptynia hispanica.

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