Figure 14.3 Phthiraptera.(a) Phthirus pubis male (dorsal/ventral view); (b) P. pubis male, third-stage nymph (dorsal/ventral view); (c) P. pubis female (dorsal/ventral view); (d) P. pubis female, third-stage nymph (dorsal/ventral view).

are sedentary feeders and move only about 100 mm day. The tendency to take repeated blood meals in the same location may cause the formation of pale blue spots on the skin. Black spots of louse feces in underwear are a sign of P. pubis infestation. Disseminationis through physical contact, such as sexual activity or simply exposure in the same bed with an infected person. P. pubis may be spread on loose hairs transferred to towels and bedding. Dogs may carry this louse.

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