Theseare called bladder grasshoppers. The tracheae in the male abdomen are dilated and can hold a large amount of air. The sound produced by stridulating males is deep and very loud. Females are wingless and the hind legs are not adapted for jumping. This family is endemic to southern Africa, but some species occur as far north as Uganda and Tanzania.

Bladder grasshoppers, Physophorina spp. Adult males are about50 mm long. The body is light green to green, and has longitudinal red stripes on the thorax and frontwings.The legs are pale brown. The abdomen has lateral yellow and brown markings. Females are about 48 mm long, wingless or brachypter-ous, and pale green with various white markings. The hind legs are slender and adapted for walking and not jumping. Male bladder grasshoppers occur in two forms: in one, it develops wings, the large bladder-like abdomen, and the stridu-latory apparatus. The other form is wingless, lacks the large abdomen, and is fertile. The role of the winged form is to attract females and wingless males to a common area where mating takes place. Females are fertilized by the wingless males. Males are attracted to lights atnightand they sometimes occur indoors. This species is distributed in southern Africa.

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