Species in this family have the tergum of the first abdominal segmentatleastas long as the mesothorax. Males are brownish yellow and the females are brown; both have a dark median and two lateral dorsal stripes. They have glands under the prono-tum, which project a thick milky fluid at predators.

Two-striped walkingstick, Anisomorpha buprestoides Adults are 40-80 mm long. The male is uniform brown, and the female has a median dorsal and lateral stripe. Eggs are laid in batches of 8-10 in shallow pits in the soil. This species feeds on grass and low shrubs, and occurs in southern USA.

Other walkingsticks Species in the family Timematidae are shortand stout. Timema californica is 12-25 mm long; the body is green, brown, or pinkish green, and found on shrubs and trees in California. The Indian stick insect, Carusius morosus, is native to Asia. It is sometimes kept as a house pet, and is established in some greenhouses outside Asia. Males are rare and females are parthenogenetic.

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