Members of this family live in a variety of habitats, from dead leaves hanging on plants to leaves in ground litter. They may be fully winged or brachypterous, but the wings show distinct venation. Psoquilla marginepunctata (Fig. 15.3!) is circumtropical; it occurs primarily outdoors in tropical regions, butindoors in temperate regions. Ithas been recorded in houses in the USA, the UK, and continental Europe.

Species in the genus Rhyopsocus have front wings that are well-developed or reduced, but always with veins and uniform color. Rhyopsocus peregrinus has occurred in a food store in the UK; R. disparilis (Fig. 15.2m) has been taken from stored cacao from West Africa, rice from the Philippines and Japan, beans from WestIndies, and peas from Guyana; R. bentonae (Fig. i5.2l) has been found in houses in southeastern USA.

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