Spider beetles are 1.5-4.5 mm long, oval or cylindrical beetles that resemble large mites or small house spiders; the larvae are C-shaped. Spider beetles are cosmopolitan pests that are scavengers on dry animal and vegetable material. Larvae are in cracks and crevices in cabinets and in floorboards where they feed on organic debris, including wool dust, and rodent droppings. Full-grown larvae create shallow pupal

Lyctus Cavicollis
Figure 5.13 Coleoptera: Lyctidae. (a) Lyctus planicollis; (b) Lyctoxylon japonum; (c) Trogoxylon parallelopipedum; (d) Lyctus brunneus (e) L. brun-neus larva; (f) Minthea rugicollis.
Figure 5.14 Coleoptera: Lyctidae. (a) Lyctus africanus adult, prothor-acic leg and antenna; (b) L. brunneus; (c) L. cavicollis; (d) L. planicollis; (e) Minthea rugicollis; (f) Trogoxylon parallelopipedum.

or three generations per year, but under adverse conditions the life cycle may extend to 4 years.

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