These flies are 1.5-3 mm long, and with a black or brownish black body (Fig. 7.7c). The antennae are slightly longer than the head, and the femora of the front legs are enlarged. Wing veins are thick near the costal margin, and the remaining veins are weak. Wing venation and general appearance are similar to the Phoridae. Full-grown larvae are 3-5 mm long and yellowish brown to brown; they are somewhatflattened and tapered anteriorly and posteriorly. The anterior and posterior spiracles are on short stalks. Some species have lateral tubercles. Larvae are known to feed in human excrement and the adult flies often occur in large numbers around this type of substrate. Other species, such as Coboldia formicarium and Scatopse transversalis, are associated with ant colonies, and have vestigial wings.

Minute black scavenger fly, Coboldia fuscipes Adults are about 3 mm long, and the body is smooth and black. The wings have a dark spot at the tip, and the front legs are distorted in shape. This species has been found in large numbers indoors. Larvae feed in decaying organic matter, including the waste from canneries, wineries, rotting vegetables, human and livestock manure.

Scavenger fly, scatopse notata (Fig. 7.5i, j) Adults are about 3.5 mm long; the wing length is 3.5-4 mm. The body is shiny black, the pleura of the thorax and abdominal segment 1 is yellow, and there is a yellow spot above the wing base. Full-grown larvae are 4-5 mm long and slightly depressed; the body is yellowish brown and the head brown. Short setae are arranged in a pattern on the abdominal segments; the dorsum of segment 8 has a dense fringe of setae. Larvae feed in wet and decaying organic matter. Development is completed in about 14 days, and full-grown larvae move to the edge of the substrate to pupate. The pupa has two anterior spiracles. Several generations can be completed in a year. This species is widely distributed, and commonly aggregates indoors. It is nearly cosmopolitan.

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