Window flies are about 6 mm long and usually black and with only a few bristles and setae on their thorax and abdomen; the antennae lack a style or an arista (Fig. 7.1!). The thorax is enlarged and the abdomen is flattened and somewhat bent downward. When viewed from the side the fly has a humped-back appearance. At rest the wings lie parallel over the body. Full-grown larvae are about 20 mm long and yellowish white, and very narrow (Fig. 7.2d). They are found indoors feeding on live insects in various microhabitats, and outdoors they prey on a variety ofinsects, and some feed on fungi in decaying wood.

Window fly, scenopinus fenestralis Adults are 4-5.5 mm long, the thorax is grayish yellow, and the abdomen is blackish brown and somewhatflattened. Legs are gray, and the femora are brown. Full-grown larvae are 20-22 mm long, narrow, and yellowish white; the head is brown. Abdominal segments are subdivided to give the appearance that there are 17 segments. Anterior and posterior spiracles are round and surrounded by a pigmented boarder or peritreme. The larvae of these flies feed on the larvae and pupae of beetles and moths in stored grain, and they prey on larvae of carpet beetles and clothes moths in household habitats. The long, smooth worm-like larvae are active in sites that have accumulations ofdead insects, such as the sills of windows and doors, and along the edges of household carpeting. Natural populations occur in bird nests where similar food sources are found. Linneaus noticed this species at windows in urban houses. This species is nearly cosmopolitan.

scenopinus glabrifrons Adults are 4-6 mm long and the body is grayish yellow. The front of the head is polished, and the halteres are pale white. The legs are brownish orange. This species is nearly cosmopolitan.

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