Smalleyed flour beetle Palorus ratzeburgii Fig 518e

Adults are about 2.5 mm long and reddish brown. The sides of the head do not conceal the eyes from above. Eggs are laid singly or in small groups directly on the food substrate; hatching is in about4days at30-40 °C, and 33 days at 17.5 °C. Larval development takes about 18 days at 32.5 °C and 55 days at 20 °C. Humidity threshold for development is about 50% RH at 20 °C, and about 20% RH at 25-30 °C. The pupal period is 4 days at 37.5 °C and 14 days at 20 °C. It is found in granaries, bakeries, and flourmills around the world, and feeds on flour, meal, maize, peanuts, and cassava meal.

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