The hawk and sphinx moths are large, with a wing span of 25-200 mm, and have a characteristic shape of a streamlined body, large front wings and small hind wings. Hawk moths in flight look similar to hummingbirds, and some species are called hummingbird moths. They visit flowers and are powerful flyers; they hover over open flowers much like birds. Many species are day flyers, some fly at dusk, and others fly after sunset. Caterpillars of many species have a large spine on the posterior end.

Hummingbird moth, Hemaris thysbe Adult wing span is 45-55 mm, and the wings are reddish brown with large clear areas in each wing. The thorax ventral surface is uniformly dark brown (other species ofHemaris have black or red bands). Caterpillars feed on a variety of trees and plants, including hawthorn, cherry, plum, and honeysuckle. The adult moths fly during the day and visit ornamental flowers.

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