This order includes the largest millipedes known. Some are up to 30 cm long and with 90 segments, and some are less than 6 mm long.

Large millipede, spirobolus marginatus (= Arctobolus) (Fig. 18.9e) Adults are about 10 cm long and usually have 57 body segments. The body is reddish brown, each segment is marked with red, and the legs and antennae are red.

Other millipedes Several species have been reported from urban habitats around the world, and their frequency indoors depends on local populations and environmental conditions. Orthomorpha coarctata lives in the thatch layer of ornamental turfgrass (St. Augustine grass, Stenotaphrum secundatum) in southern USA (Florida), but it will frequently enter houses in large numbers. Pseudopolydesmus serratus is about 3 cm long, uniformly brown, and distributed in urban and natural habitats in eastern USA. The large species Pachydesmus crassicutis is about 7 cm long and brown but with orange laterally on the segments. It occurs in southeastern USA. In the UK, Geophilus carpophagus and Tachypodoiulus niger occur in urban populations and frequently enter buildings. Proteroiulus/uscus has also been recorded from buildings.

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