These wasps are 11-60 mm long, including the ovipositor. Front wing length is 6-15 mm. The body is elongate, cylindrical, and black to dark brown. The head is slightly spherical with adorsalringofblunt to acute teeth (stephano,Greek for crown). This is a cosmopolitan group, but the majority of species are in the eastern hemisphere tropics. The three genera occurring in the western hemisphere are Foenatopus, Megischus, and Schlet-tereius. They are solitary ectoparasites of wood-boring insects, including buprestids, bostrichids, and siricids. These wasps are most often encountered on or around dead standing trees, or around wooden buildings. The female stings and immobilizes the host larva prior to laying an egg on it. The egg hatches in 10-14 days, and the first-stage larva punctures the integument of the host to feed. Larval development is 6-7 weeks long and the host is completely consumed. The final instar pupates in the site where it finished feeding.

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