This is a primitive family of dampwood termites. The alates lack ocelli and a fontanelle, and the pronotum is somewhat flat and not as broad as the head. The colonies are small and there is no worker caste. As in other species oflower termites, their intestines have flagellate protozoa. The genus Stolotermes occurs in eastern Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Cape province in South Africa; the majority of species nestin decayed logs and stumps. Porotermes adamsoni occurs across southeastern Australia and Tasmania, P. planiceps is in Cape province of South Africa, and P. quadricollis occurs in Chile.

Porotermes adamsoni Alates are present in the colony from December to February. Swarming flights occur in early evening, and all the alates appear to leave the nest at one time. Colonies frequently have primary and secondary reproductives active at the same time, especially when there are extensive gallery systems. This termite is primarily a pest of forest trees. It causes considerable damage to standing trees and it is found in down logs that are decaying. Attack is initiated where fungal decay is present in the standing tree, which may be in the vicinity of a wound or the weakened center of a hardwood tree. The economic importance of this pest is linked to infestations that extend into sound wood, along with the decay fungi. In the urban environment, this species will tunnel below ground to attack timber in contact with the ground, such as poles, fencing, and weatherboards and other structural wood in houses. It requires damp and decayed wood, and infestations are usually in buildings thathave wood in contactwith the ground, poor ventilation, or plumbing leaks.

Oplan Termites

Oplan Termites

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