Species in this large family eat the foliage and fruits of a wide variety of trees. The caterpillars often roll or fold leaves or shoots together in which to rest and feed. The adults are small, with a wing span of 25 mm or less, and have wide, oblong, and fringed wings. The caterpillar is usually light or dark green and about 25 mm long. Current classification of this family incorporates species in the family Oleuthreutidae, which includes several species that feed on fruits and nuts.

Uglynest caterpillar moth, Archips cerasivoranus Adult wing span is 18-25 mm. The front wing is orange with purple iridescence, and it is spotted and speckled with dark red-brown spots. Caterpillars live on wild cherry trees in large nests of mixed silk and debris. When full-grown, they leave the silken nest to form cocoons, and they migrate to the perimeter of buildings and form cocoons on sidings and around foundations. Adults appear in late June and early July. This species is generally distributed in eastern USA.

Filbertworm, Melissopus latiferranus Adult wing span is about 13 mm and the body is pale or dusky bronze. The front wing has a complete, broad, coppery median band and a broken postmedian coppery band. Full-grown caterpillars are about 20 mm long, yellowish white, and have a light-brown head. This species infests the Catalina cherry tree (Prunus lyonii) in southern California, and the large, green galls of the blue oak (Quercus douglasii). It also infests walnuts, hazelnuts (filberts), and acorns. It is a pest only where the oak-apple gall is produced; the moths migrate from the oaks to walnuts and other trees. Caterpillars gain access to the walnuts when cracks appear in the husk at the time of maturity. Once nuts are infested, caterpillars and adults can occur indoors.

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