Twospotted sap beetle Nitidula bipunctata Fig 515c

Adults are 3-5 mm long; elytra are dark brown with a pair of pale spots at the middle. The male and female are externally similar. This species is often associated with carrion, but is occasionally found indoors feeding on meats, bread, and cake. It is distributed widely in the northern hemisphere. A closely related species, N. ziczac (Fig. 5.i5d), has three longitudinal spots and a light median band on dark brown elytra. It is found on carrion, and occasionally reported indoors in North America.

Other Nitidulidae Dried fruits and other stored products around the world attractnitidulidsthateventually become pests by establishing infestations. Haptonchus luteolus is one of the smallest species to infest dried fruit. It is about 3.4 mm long, and yellowish brown. The pineapple beetle, Carpophilus humer-alis, is one of the largest nitidulids attacking dried fruit; it is 4-5 mm long and uniformly black.

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