These spiders make geometric orb webs, or sections oforbs. The great length and size of the front legs are characteristic features. Spiders in this family have no poison glands and no venom.

Triangle spider, Hyptiotes cavatus Adult females are 3.54 mm long and males are about 2.4 mm long. The males and females are brown to brownish gray. The cephalothorax is angular and as wide in the middle as it is long. The posterior row of eyes is much longer than the anterior row. The abdomen of the female is broadly elliptical, and has a double row of tubercles. The palpal organ on the male is large and somewhat projecting. The web is triangular, resembling a 45° sector of a circular or orb web, and it is usually established on ornamental plants and small trees. This species occurs in eastern USA and southern Canada. A related species, H. paradoxus, occurs in Europe.

Uloborusgeniculatus Adults are about 7 mm long. The posterior row of eyes is nearly straight; the legs are distinctly banded. The abdomen has a single hump with a black transverse bar; in front of the bar the dorsum is gray, and behind the bar it is light brown. Indoors it may build webs on the ceiling. This tropical species is distributed in North and South America, and it extends into southern USA.

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