Western or Southwestern Hercules beetle Dynastes granti

Adults are 55-70 mm long, and the body is dark green and with irregular spots. The pronotal horn of the male is large and extends over the head. Females lack a horn and are dark brown with scattered black on the elytra. This species occurs in western and southwestern USA.

Rhinoceros beetle, Xyloryctes jamaicensis Adults are about 25 mm long, and dark brown; males have a single upright horn on the head, and females have a small tubercle on the head. This species occurs in eastern and midwestern USA.

Goliath beetle, Goliathus goliathus Adults range in length from 80 to 115 mm, and this is the largest and most massive of all insects. It occurs in West Africa and surrounding regions. The larvae live in soil and feed on decaying organic matter. The adults are strong flyers, and their loud buzz when flying often attracts attention.

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